If You Serve Old Swiss Men Curry

If you serve old Swiss men curry and rice in a
bowl, they will eat it

but not without comment.

He says to his grandson, “You know, if you eat much rice you will get
Chinese eyes.”

Grandson stares, brow furrowed.

He looks at me, “Daer hat nit verstande…he didn’t understand.”

He says it again, “You know, the Chinese eyes, like this.”

Grandson’s wrinkled brow staunchly protests.

“Immer no ni verstande…still didn’t understand.”

No, he understands, I say, he just doesn’t think it’s funny.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” the grandson says.

“Sure it’s make sense,” he says, “what you think makes

The boy arches his eyebrows and leans forward, “6 + 4 = 10. That
makes sense.”

One comment

  1. bethraps

    Dude. That’s the boy I know & love.

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