Yesterday I greeted you so oddly

A flustered storm of words from my mouth

And when I finally came to

There was lunch

My word crumbs brushed from the table

Your calm smile offered me a choice of salad

And a good red, chosen just for me

And even coffee, if that’s what I wanted

It was lunchtime

But I had not planned to eat

I was too busy rushing and fighting

Here, try this, you said

spooning mushrooms with crabmeat

And lobster ravioli onto my plate

We ate our wonderful lunch


And sopped up the cream sauce with torn bread

The dark wooden booth, big enough for four,

held the gentle sway of our conversation

children, work, taxes, dreams

We rested


in a delicious meal of words.

I had not realized how hungry I was.

Quietly regarding the empty plates

And full friendship

I was too overcome with gratitude

To fight you for the bill.

One comment

  1. bethraps

    Wow. This is perfect. Who needs a lot when you have _this?

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