Fifteen-Minute Free Walk

When you sit zazen for longer periods, you incorporate walking practice with sitting…usually 30 minutes of sitting and 10-15 minutes of walking. On retreat at J’s zendo we have the benefit of gardens upon gardens, so we walk outside. The bell sounds, we stand and bow. George says: Fifteen minute free walk. And we walk out, put our shoes on, head down off the porch (or not) and walk–some slowly, some at an energizing clip. Noticing the soft grass, the crunch of leaves, a dripping spigot, a ladybug, bird song, a breeze through the garden, the many beings and their many feet. At some point, the bell sounds again and we return, up the steps of the porch where we slide off shoes, enter the house and bow at our cushions and sit, meditation continuing unbroken.

These photos were taken in the spring of 2012 on retreat.

The bell just rang…time to walk…

Empty Zendo

Through the rail

Bare foot

White flower

One by one...

One by one…

...each thing has it.

…each thing has it.


Fancy lady

Blue flower

An excellent friend on the path


Blue flowers



Meeting self on the path

Meeting self on the path









Moment… moment

…by moment

Purple flowers

Purple flower

Pink rose

Roly Poly

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers breeze

A breeze

 Hearing the sound of the bell…




Back on the porch

Back on the porch

Shoes and feet


Open window


  1. This is just stunningly beautiful…
    Crazy, though, of all these delicious nature images, the two that really spoke to me were the dripping hose – moment by moment – just something about the images and the words…
    Thank you 🙂

  2. These pictures really make me wish I was right there, right now! The one that speaks to me the most is the last one: the open window. It seems to imply everything is possible, somehow. I love it!

  3. Jenny, these are so wonderful. I love that you included sound. I love the bell. And the whole-photo pink flower! And the droplet, yes. What a brilliant idea. What fresh eyes.

  4. moondance trail

    Meeting self on the path…my favorite! …your own shadow green-eyed flowers-plants peeking from shadow lines and the lightening light behind…wonerful pictures

  5. moondance trail


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